MTL Magazine : Dynamic Dads founder Paul Pettit gives parents affirmation and good advice for guiding their tweens (kids between the ages of 8 and 12) through this rollercoaster time in between early childhood and the teen years. Today's tweens suffer from what some experts call "KAGOY" (Kids Are Getting Older Younger), and it can present real challenges to Christian parents that Pettit deftly addresses as he calls for a "balanced parenting" approach that leads to preparing your tween to "leave the nest" without over- or under- controlling the adolescent. Pettit's words are a comfort to parents who want to speak their tween's language.

Book Description

Some of the most challenging years of development are the be-tween years of 8-12. Five-time father Paul Pettit has navigated these rocky roads and offers encouragement, as well as practical advice, to help parents avoid the extremes of demanding perfection and disillusioned apathy.

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