Questions and Answers

Dr. Paul Pettit is the founder and president of Dynamic Dads. He and his wife Pamela have five children and are the authors of Congratulations...You're Gonna Be A Dad! (Kregel) Paul holds degrees from the University of Kansas, Moody Bible Institute, Dallas Theological Seminary, and a Doctor of Ministry degree, also from Dallas Seminary. Pamela, M.S.N. and R.N., serves as a neo-natal Nurse Practitoner.

Q: Why did you start Dynamic Dads?
A: It's really an organization of encouragement. So many messages today's fathers hear relate how poorly they are performing in their fathering role. Our message is one of hope...yes, you can do this, you can be a good dad.

Q: The problem is so overwhelming, can anything concrete really be done?
A: If dad's determine to stay married, stick around the home, become more involved, loving fathers, then we've been successful. I believe many fathers want to do a good job, but may not know the fundamentals...the basics.

Q: Which are...?
A: Well...being physically present is the first step. Staying with mom, showing up at the dinner table... But more than that being emotionally and spiritually present as well. Telling your kids you love them and that you believe in them. Being a loving, serving, leader in the home.

Q: What is the vision of Dynamic Dads?
A: Our board desires to see Dynamic Dads small groups emerge around the country. We've currently developed a fathering curriculum, a seminar, and workshop. The fathering movement knows no ethnic or regional boundaries. Families everywhere need loving, healthy fathers.